VDR Marine Equipment are engineering, control & instrumentation specialists. We are involved in the design, service, supply, repair, maintenance and upgrade of active heave compensating, process control instrumentation, and electrical systems, including the provision of specialist engineering and commissioning manpower.

Load Monitoring

VDR Marine Equipment enables companies to perform simple or complex load and weight monitoring activities safely, accurately and efficiently.

Our engineers have more than 30+ years of experience in the development and engineering of right solution for you, all solutions are delivered with the highest quality available and are according to all regional and international regulations.

We most recently engineered, manufactured and commissioned complete load monitoring systems for both low and high capacity Heila marine cranes as per the newest regulations set by governing bodies in the United Arab Emirates and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Instrumentation and electrical equipment servicing, calibration & certification

Calibration and certification of all automation systems and equipment. This includes but is not limited to: portable gas detectors, MMC tapes, UTI tapes, torque wrenches, multi meters and other portable measurement / test equipment landed to our shore-based facilities, or performed offshore at anchorage. We have a wide range of test equipment which is third party certified to ensure accuracy. A list of test equipment is available on request.

24/7 maintenance & repair services

We have a team of engineers who are qualified and experienced in electrical, instrumentation and/or automation who can be mobilized at very short notice for the calibration, servicing, troubleshooting and repair of your equipment. We can be contacted 24/7 through the contact numbers found on our contacts page.


Engineering, supply, installation & commissioning services

We carry out the engineering of new automation systems, and upgrading / retrofitting of existing automation systems. This includes the preparation of CAD drawings using the latest AutoCAD software, and installation, commissioning and final hand over including documentation.