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One the largest issues faced by clients in need of handrails is the local stock availability, with factory lead times of several weeks, VDR Marine Equipment will keep different handrails of various escalators on stock directly in the United Arab Emirates.


Decreasing lead times from various weeks to ready made in days, giving our customers a cost effective solution whilst simultaneously reducing down-time of the escalator to a minimum.


VDR Marine Equipment technicians are able to perform the splicing on-site and reduce the costs of the replacement of the handrail significantly.


Another solution that VDR is offering in the region is the repair of Semperit handrails without having to completely replace the handrail.


VDR aims to provide flexible solutions for the repair and supply of rubber handrails for both escalators and moving walkways for all brands in the whole Middle East. Our solutions are as follows:

  1. Localized damage on the Semperit rubber handrail can be repaired by VDR personnel within hours without having to replace the entire handrail.

  1. Replace rubber handrails on-site within hours without having to dismantle the escalator, reducing both downtime and manhours required.

  1. Supply ready-made rubber handrails within days anywhere in the Middle East.



  • Reduced lead time due to wide stock availability, ready to deliver in days.


  • No expensive transport charges.


  • Reduced down-time of the escalator as technicians are able to perform the splicing of the handrail on-site.


  • Lower man-hour costs as escalators do not have to be completely disassembled for handrail replacement when VDR technicians perform the splicing on-site.

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