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Stoneridge-Orlaco is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems for commercial and industrial vehicles. This means we supply leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. Our systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort and provide for more efficiency.

'Vision is our Mission®'. That is why at Stoneridge-Orlaco, the development, manufacture and supply of camera and detection systems is high on the agenda. The way we see it, optimum visibility around all machinery, vehicles and vessels is a must. For more than 30 years they have been designing, developing and producing professional and certified vision solutions for every situation. Our cameras and detection systems are used on construction machinery, trucks, buses, cranes, forklift trucks, maritime applications, offshore/onshore applications, emergency vehicles, railway applications, municipal vehicles and airport vehicles.

Orlaco solutions can be applied to:

Construction Cranes including:

  • telescopic crane, tower crane, mobile tower crane, crawler crane, crane truck, lattice harbor crane, RTG crane and ship-to-shore cranes.


Heavy Equipment including:

  • Earthmoving machinery - excavator, wheel loader, articulated dump truck, telehandler and dozer.

  • Mining machinery - rigid dump truck, mining shovel, excavator, wheel loader and dozer.

  • Road construction machinery

  • Agricultural machinery


Lift Trucks including:

  • Forklift trucks - reach truck, counterbalance truck and telescopic truck.

  • Container handlers - reach stacker and container handlers.

Vision is our Mission®

Backreach View



Spreader view


gangway view

Driven Direction view

Our partnership 

With Orlaco's partnership with us at VDR, we are proud to provide our customers with greater solutions in crane and heavy machinery operations. Orlaco is a world-renowned brand that gives its customers a chance to safely and securely operate heavy machinery and cranes with minimum input required. Orlaco's products include winch view, load view, rear view, corner eye and radar eye cameras and sensors that help heavy machinery and crane operators to work more efficiently as they are capable of seeing a lot more of their surroundings.

Accident Prevention

With Orlaco camera and sensor systems, the accident rate of injury buy heavy machinery is highly decreased as the systems allow the operators better vision and threat assessment of any given situation 

Increased efficiency

with the extra vision available of not only one's surroundings but as well as load in case of heavy machinery the accuracy is greatly improved and consequently is the efficiency 

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