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Marine & Offshore Cranes and Deck Equipment

VDR Marine Equipment manufactures sector-specific heavy-duty cranes and deck equipment primarily designed and manufactured for marine applications, both shipboard and off-shore, where design, safety and reliability standards are extremely demanding and extremely hostile conditions are the standard.

Deck Machinery Equipment

Our Anchoring Solutions are well suited for Anchor Chain Dia. 19mm U2 ~ 137mm U3. Our Deck Mooring Winch and Capstan have pull rates of 5T to 30T, making them suitable for most vessels.

Anchor Handling Equipment

Our Anchor Handling Solutions are well suited for Anchor Handling Tugs with bollard Pulls of 30T to 250T for working in both shallow and deep water.

Sub-Sea Crane and Winch

Our Subsea Crane and Winch is suitable for lifting of up to 250T payloads at up to 3,000m water depths. Our solution includes conventional Steel Wire Rope and a newly developed Soft Rope System.

Spare Parts & Components

We only use components from international recognized and reputable brands to ascertain our quality and work in close partnership with our vendors to ensure integrated system designs that deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Crane & Lifting Appliances

Our cranes are suitable for harbour lifting in marine environments as well as ship-to-ship lifting and sub-sea lifting operations in offshore environments, with a maximum boom length of 45m and a maximum lifting capacity of 250T.

Mooring Packages

Our Mooring solutions are suitable to handle mooring cables up to 76mm in diameter for shallow water mooring and up to 127mm in diameter for deep water mooring with pre-laid cables.

Towing Packages

Our Towing Solutions are suitable for Harbour or Ocean Going Tugs with bollard pulls of 30T to 150T with high adaptability to vessel operational requirements such as a customizable quick action clutch and explosion-proof designs.

Quality and Accreditation

With quality as our priority, we work closely with various IACS class societies such as ABS, BV, DNVGL, and LRS to ascertain our design and fabrication quality. All equipment complies with the appropriate notation requirements.

List of Equipment

Marine Cranes:

  • Fixed Boom Crane

  • Knuckle Boom Crane

  • Telescopic Boom Crane

  • Sub Sea Knuckle Boom Crane

  • Cargo / Marine Crane


  • Swivel Fairlead

  • Vertical Leading Sheave

  • Horizontal Leading Sheave

Hydraulic Winches:

  • Towing Winch

  • Tugger Winch

  • Mooring Winch

  • Vertical Capstan

  • Anchor Windlass

  • Chain Tensioning Winch

  • Anchor Handling Towing Winch

  • Sub Sea Winch​​

Various Equipment:

  • "A" Frame

  • Shark Jaw

  • Towing Pin

  • Telescopic Gangway

  • Stern Roller

  • Wire Rope Spooler

  • Storage Reel

  • Chain Stopper

  • Hoisting Winch

  • Capstan

  • Berthing Winch

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