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Scanreco is the leading OEM supplier of professional radio remote control systems to international crane and machinery manufacturers. We have been developing and supplying reliable radio remote control systems to all parts of the world since the 1980s. Our global presence is supported by an expanding network of subsidiaries and distributors. Together with other market leaders, we continuously develop new products and systems that are at the leading edge of industry.

Technological innovation, reliability, safety, affordability, and user-friendliness have been our hallmarks. That is why leading companies such as Palfinger, Fassi, Schwing, Hiab/Cargotec, Demag and HMF have selected Scanreco as a main supplier of professional radio remote control systems globally.

Our heritage comes from the Scandinavian tradition of strong innovative engineering combined with ease of use, reliability, and a user-friendly design. The Scanreco logo is a mix of the Northern light, our clean water, and, of course, our core technology – the sinusoidal radio wave.


The secrets of Never-Stop Technology

The core of Scanreco is safety and reliable technology. Having sold more than 400,000 units over the years, most of them still in operation, our concept has clearly been proven. Our products are made for heavy usage and we know that our customers rely on our ability to deliver functionality they can trust, a feature that we call Never-Stop Technology from Scanreco.

Maintenance that works

If something unexpected happens, our products are designed to be easily replaced with minimum interruption. No need for complicated programming or reinstallation, replace the damaged part and you’re up and running. A built in error log and display will facilitate troubleshooting if needed. Smooth and easy.

High-Quality Elements

The various components of Scanreco radio remote controls have been reviewed and selected to ensure hassle-free operation for many years. It ensures a long and reliable life for our products with minimal disruptions to the user.

Extreme Temperatures

The cold, harsh winters in Sweden, our homeland, led us to design products that thrive in sub-zero temperatures. However, the majority of our products are exported so we have made sure that these products also excel in the hottest locations around the globe.

Protection against Water

High concentrations of microparticles and water are critical to the electronics. Therefore, we have provided the circuit boards with a protective seal.

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