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VDR Marine Equipment manufactures sector-specific heavy-duty cranes and deck equipment primarily designed and manufactured for marine applications, both shipboard and off-shore, where design, safety and reliability standards are extremely demanding and extremely hostile conditions are the standard.

Our Solutions Suit     

  • 24 / 7 Service call


  • Manufacturing of Marine Equipment and Cranes


  • Troubleshooting, repair and service of marine, oil & gas and industrial equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control systems.


  • Service and refurbishment of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control components, & equipment.


  • Preservation and preventive maintenance.


  • Load testing and surveys.


  • Outfitting, mobilization and demobilization.


  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pipeline works.


Service Range

Our capabilities include but are not limited to;

  • Repair of deck equipment, winches, cranes,  general rigging work and testing.


  • All welding works by certified welders on superstructures, hatch covers, tanks, masts, derricks, cranes etc.


  • All pipe works for hydraulics, pneumatics and special cargoes.


  • Mechanical repairs and maintenance of winches, cranes, engines, auxiliaries, pumps, hydraulics, and pneumatics.


  • PLC, controls, electrical and automation.


  • Hydraulic repairs of valves, pumps, motors, bow thrusters, and cylinders.


  • Mobilization / demobilization.


  • Commissioning / decommissioning of hydraulic systems, cranes and structures.


  • Inspections and surveys


  • 3D Drawings / Plans engineering.


Our team has +30 years’ experience in the Maritime, Offshore, Dredging, Marine Equipment, Hydraulics, Cranes and Winches.

From in-house design till Project management or only consulting, we are your partner in every stage.

Refurbishment and Renewed

Rapidly changing industry demands and advancements in technology are shortening the lifespan of equipment, making them obsolete faster than ever before.

We are committed to protecting our customer’s capital investment, using our engineering expertise to refurbish and upgrade a variety of marine and oil & gas equipment.

Our objective is to give a new lease of life to existing equipment while ensuring optimal performance for our customers. Working closely to understand their business needs, we provide fully integrated refurbishment services and deliver greater returns on investment for every customer, every time.


Custom Design Services

For customers with specific requirements, we have the capabilities to deliver custom-designed equipment. Our approach is consultative, collaborative and communicative. We believe in working closely with you to understand your challenges, develop an optimal plan and create the business results that you desire.

Fabrication and Welding

VDR Marine Equipment’s welders and fabricators set themselves apart is by following strict welding procedures and quality delivered right at your doorstep. All our welders are certified and in the possession of AWS D1.1.


We provide high quality repair services on lifting devices and high tensile metal structures to bring the structure or lifting device back to their original strength.

These repair services include but are not limited to booms, cranes and winches.


Our fabrication department has a proven track record in the manufacturing, repair and the modification of high tensile and special steel structures.

OEM Contract Manufacturing

We are the business partner of choice for many leading OEM’s around the world. With our commitment to quality, proven technical expertise and prompt customer support, you can be assured of the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your projects to us.

  • Equipment fabrication and contract manufacturing.

  • Design and manufacture of winches, cranes, HPU’s, A-frames and other deck equipment.

  • Supply of special casting components.

  • Construction, installation, maintenance,  and commissioning of offshore equipment.  

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