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HS.MARINE is a leading Manufacturer of ship and offshore cranes with the world’s widest range of models ranging from 5 to 1000 tm capacity.

All crane models are specifically designed, masterly built and assembled to give our customers top quality. The crane executions and quality details will offer many years of safe and reliable operation at a low cost of maintenance.


VDR Marine Equipment is proud to be the appointed service center for all HS Marine cranes in the Middle East of which we cover all service segments such as repair services, maintenance services or refurbishment services.

In-House Hydraulic Services

VDR Marine Equipment is specialized in the repair of hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves. With more than 30 years of in house experience we are able to offer the highest quality in the region. Our modern workshop is properly equipped with state of the art machinery and test benches. All repaired units are tested according to their OEM factory specifications. 

  • Overhaul and repair of all hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and valves.

  •  All repairs are executed with OEM parts.

  •  Warranty on all repaired units.

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Load Monitoring

VDR Marine Equipment enables companies to perform simple or complex load and weight monitoring activities safely, accurately and efficiently.

Our engineers have more than 30+ years of experience in the development and engineering of right solution for you, all solutions are delivered with the highest quality available and are according to all regional and international regulations.

We most recently engineered, manufactured and commissioned complete load monitoring systems for both low and high capacity HS marine cranes as per the newest regulations set by governing bodies in the United Arab Emirates and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Refurbishment and Renewed

Rapidly changing industry demands and advancements in technology are shortening the lifespan of equipment, making them obsolete faster than ever before.

We are committed to protecting our customer’s capital investment, using our engineering expertise to refurbish and upgrade a variety of marine and oil & gas equipment.

Our objective is to give a new lease of life to existing equipment while ensuring optimal performance for our customers. Working closely to understand their business needs, we provide fully integrated refurbishment services and deliver greater returns on investment for every customer, every time.

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